Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Change Caused by UTS Library 2008 Survey

eResources, Supersearch and journal databases

You liked... being able to access these tools from wherever they are and how good the resources are.

You asked for

We delivered

More full text articles

We added full text links from the Library Catalogue to over 40,000 online serial titles.

A simpler search mechanism for Supersearch

The new Catalogue - more Google-like searching across the Library's extensive resources. Find Databases was introduced at the start of 2009 as a simple search and browse tool for easily locating relevant databases.

A way around embargos

We negotiate the best and most immediate access possible but are sometimes hampered by the policies of publishers and/or scholarly societies.

Computers and Associated Services

You liked...having computers and library services and resources in one spot.

You asked for

We delivered

Faster/more up to date computers

We replaced all Library computers with higher spec machines in 2008.

More computers

64 new computers were added in 2008.

More powerpoints and dedicated laptop areas

In 2008, levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 had additional power points and seating areas installed for laptop users.

Better wireless

Wireless was extended and upgraded throughout the City Campus (Blake Library) in 2008 and has been implemented at Kuring-gai Campus Library.

Computers limited to study purposes (no games!)

We expect all our Library patrons to be responsible, to make appropriate use of our facilities and be considerate of others. We encourage and will continue to promote self-responsibility in our students, but if you see resources being inappropriately used, please notify a staff member.

Specific software requests (powerpoint, photoshop, quickpoint)

The Library passes on requests for software to the central IT Department, who are responsible for this on all public machines across the University.


You asked for

We delivered

More Google-like searching

The new Catalogue.

Information Skills and Other Training

You liked...well run workshops that are great resources

You asked for

We delivered

More and improved training in searching for material and using specific programs like endnote and refworks

  • Introduced classes in Advanced searching of Google & Google scholar.
  • RSS use classes introduced.
  • Extended orientation program into first two weeks of each semester.
  • Infoskills Bank holds videos demonstrating the use of all major databases and catalogue.

No assumptions about existing knowledge

Extended orientation program into first two weeks of each semester

Loans and Fines

You liked...reliable and efficient interlibrary loans

You asked for

We delivered

Lower fines

Fines must be at a level that encourages prompt return of materials required by others. We have to find the most equitable solution to all problems and our primary goal with fines is to ensure materials are available to all Library clients.
Fines page provides information on how to avoid being affected by fines.

A change to recalls on loans

Recalls allow loans to be longer while enabling others to obtain needed materials. Again, we need to look for the most equitable solution.

Longer loan periods

Loan periods try to balance the needs of current borrowers with those of others - easy renewal online or by phone allows loans to be extended when the materials are not required by others.

More polite reminders about overdue items

The wording of reminders has been revised and is now much friendlier! We have also added SMS notices to help you remember about your overdue materials, which has had very positive feedback!

Self check out on every floor

New check out machines on every floor.

Ability to browse closed reserve

Open Reserve arrives this October! You can browse freely through all the material held in this collection.

Open Hours

You liked...the extended opening hours

You asked for

We delivered

Longer opening hours during exams

The current building is not set up for a restricted area/services to be set up for longer opening hours (and we don't have the budget to extend over the whole Library).

24x7 access

This is under consideration for the Library of the Future to open on Broadway in about 2015

Photocopying and Printing

You asked for

We delivered

Cheaper, free or quota printing

Prices of printing and copying held constant 2007-2009 in spite of rising costs.

More reliable machines

New machines installed in 2008.

Double sided printing

Double sided printing now the default!.

Printers and copiers on every floor

Machines have been available on upper floors of Blake Library from early 2008.

Physical Resource Items

You liked...some felt that overall we have a good physical resources (books, journals, audio, visual) collection

You asked for

We delivered

Resources on the shelves where they should be

Collections have been sorted more logically and we conduct more regular checking. Our recent (September 09) Materials Availability Survey indicates an improvement in this area.

More up to date resources

26,421 new books and audiovisual items were added in 2008 plus e books and journals.

Undamaged resources

Damaged resources are repaired or replaced as soon as they are identified. The problem lies with those who thoughtlessly mutilate resources required by others. Let a staff member know if you see inappropriate use of resources, or bring damaged resources to one of the service desks.

Better signage to help you find resources

New wayfinding signage; new online information detailing where resources are held; online Library tours

Physical Space

You liked...the changes as a result of the renovations on levels 4 and 5

You asked for

We delivered

More space

The City Campus (Blake Library) was significantly extended at the beginning of 2008. We are now working on the Library of the Future.

Less noise

The Library offers a variety of spaces from those which are vibrant, active and sometimes noisy to Silent Study Rooms and quiet areas (eg level 5 in the Blake Library). The Kuring-gai Campus Library is about to undergo changes that will better manage noise levels there.

Better air conditioning

The air conditioning systems at the Blake Library has been replaced.

More welcoming and comfortable spaces

Study spaces in the Blake Library have all been upgraded; work at Kuring-gai Campus Library is underway.

More considerate mobile phone use

We expect our Library users to be mature and to respect their colleagues. We will continue to work on campaigns to promote self-responsibility.

Able to eat and drink in the Library

You can now bring food and drinks into the Library. See Guidelines: Food & Drink in the Library

Cleaner toilets

Toilets are cleaned several times a day and spot cleaning is available when problems are reported; new signage encourages cleanliness. Please continue to let staff know if there is a problem.

Better security once in the Library

We are unaware of security problems within the Library - any incidents or concerns should be reported to Security or Library staff immediately!

Closer location to your faculty

Sadly, we can't satisfy everyone! We're very close to Law and Business and stumbling distance to DAB. When the new Library is built, we will be at the 'heart' of the University campus.

Better signage

We have installed new signage throughout the Library - wayfinding as well as shelving locations and help points.

More group study areas

We plan to provide more in the new Library. Existing spaces were improved in 2008 with the renovations to levels 4 and 5. Kuring-gai Campus Library is under going refurbishment work which will introduce more group study areas.

More monitoring of silent areas by Library staff

Silent areas are clearly marked: it is your right to insist that others respect them. Again, we will continue to promote self-responsibility amongst our students.

Security Gates

You liked...that they give you more security in the Library

You asked for

We delivered

More flexibility/understanding when you forget your card or want to bring a non-UTS friend into the Library

We expect Security staff to be pleasant and helpful but our limited facilities can't be extended to friends. Drop them off at a coffee shop nearby and pick them up when you have the resources you need!
Children in your custody are a different matter and will of course be admitted under your care.


You liked...that we are friendly, helpful, polite, supportive, knowledgeable, courteous...

You asked for

We delivered

Something to be done about the staff who were rude or inefficient

All frontline staff have had a customer service training refresher; please inform us of any difficulties through our feedback channels.

The Survey Tool

You liked...that we took the time to ask you what you think

You asked for

We delivered

A less ambiguous, better designed, shorter survey

In 2010, we intend to trial a different survey tool, which should address these concerns.

And finally (and interestingly)

You asked for...information on how to build a death star*.

We delivered...well, David Litting, the intergalactic Librarian on duty at the time delivered...a BONUS+ search (do it yourself to see what you can get).

Then his colleagues got on board the falcon and found death star blueprints and the book: Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection. Which we then purchased. To ensure equal access for all our Star Wars fans, we may need to put this in our 7 Day Loan Collection!

* This request came through our MEEBO Live Chat service (Instant Messaging). Check it out at Students > Need help? Ask a Librarian if you can't find something you are looking for.

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