Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Theatre Interview Questions

1. What is your role within the Theatre?

2. How do you see the New Theatre's role within, and relationship with the local community?

4. What percentage of ticket sales go towards theatre upkeep? Or is the theatre run primarily on donations?

5. Has technology changed the way New Theatre (or performances within it) operates? Do you see it as positive, negative change or a combination of both?

6. If there is a change, is in internal or external i.e is the change a reaction to what technological advances are, or do you attempt to stay ahead of the change?

7. Who decides what performances will be put on?

8. What happens to a performance if it doesn't generate enough income?

These questions were directed towards Luke Rodgers, the Theatre Manager, who promptly replied once I sent an enquiry about sending him some questions, but once they were sent through, did not reply again.

What does this mean?
Did he not think the questions were appropriate? Did he not want to answer them? Did he not have enough time to answer them?

Whatever the reason, I am disappointed...

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